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30 Minute Facial

A customized facial created to refresh your skin with an exfoliation and cleansing. Includes minimal massage and aromatherapy. Does not include extractions.

60 Minute Facial

Designed for you to relax! A customized facial for clietns who are seeking a deepcleanse, exfoliation, targeted skin treatment, massage, and aromatherapy. Includes extractions!

90 Minute Facial

Go BIG with this facial! Includes all indulging services. Receive a deep cleanse, exfoliation, two mask treatments, concentrated massage, a galvanic treatment, and aromatherapy! (Includes extractions)

Men’s Facial

The ultimate grooming facial designed for men’s skin-care needs. Revitalize dry and damaged skin from shaving or soothe and soften skin beneath the beard. Great for men who are seeking an overall skin refresher; includes exracting ‘the good stuff.’ Relax and unwind with this massage and aromatherapy-infused facial.

Back Detox Facial

A deep cleanse for that hard-to-reach space! Covers the entire back, neck and shoulders for a detox of exfoliation, extractions, and hydration! A great refresher for clients who experience blemishes on the upper shoulders as well as clients who want to feel renewed.

Pineapple Peel

The gentle, plant-based ‘chemical enzyme peel’! Improve your skin’s overall appearance and softness by minimizing pores, increasing your natural glow, and attacking hyperpigmentation! Utilizes botanical exfoliants, papaya and pineapple enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells. Not recommended for sensitive or youthful/teen skin.

Extractions (add on to facials)

Includes steaming, exfoliation, extracting, and toning of the skin.

Galvanic Treatment (add on to facials)

Using a Galvanic Machine, treat your cystic acne with a low-level micro-current to minimize acne beneath the surface. Can also be used to smooth wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of the skin’s surface.

Wood’s Lamp Analysis (add on to facials)

Add onto any facial! A skin evaluation provided at the beginning of a facial service to determine the quality of your skin beneath the surface.

Brow Wax

Includes brow mapping, cleaning the brow line via soft wax or hard wax, tweezing, and trimming. Does not include styling or designing.

Brow Design & Shaping

Includes Brow Waxing Services with additional shaping (reshaping your brows for added arch or evening-out) as well as designing (filling in the eyebrows with pencil, gel, and highlight.)

Brow Tint

Enhances the overall fullness of your brows. Great for darkening grey or lighter hairs. Lasts 3-4 weeks.

Arm Wax (Half)

Hair Removal from the lower half of the arm; Wrist to elbow. Does not include hand waxing.

Arm Wax (Full)

Hair removal from the entire arm. Does not include hand or underarm waxing.

Back Wax

Hair removal from the neck and top of the shoulders to the waist line.

Bikini Wax

Hair removal from hair exceeding the underwear line.

Brazilian Wax

Hair removal from the front to the back of the entire pubic area. Customizable for desired look.

Buttocks Wax

Hair removal from the entire buttocks and everything in-between.

Cheek Wax

Hair removal from the entire cheek as well as cleaning the hairline around the cheek. Designed to remove and clean ‘peach fuzz’ as well as tweezing coarse hairs.

Chest Wax

Hair removal from the collarbone to the top of the ribs.

Chin Wax

Hair removal from the lower lip and chin area as well as tweezing.

Ear Wax

Hair removal from the ears, typically on the outer edge of the ears down to the ear lobe. Great for getting rid of those stubborn, coarse hairs.

Face Wax

Hair removal from the entire face and inner nostrils. Does not include neck waxing. Men: see “Men’s Face Waxing” below.

Face Wax – Men’s

Hair removal from the forehead, cheeks, nose, and nostrils. Includes beard-cleanup along the cheek line. Does not include neck waxing.

Foot Wax

Hair removal from the top of the foot and toes.

Forehead Wax

Hair removal from above the brows and close to the hair line. Beneficial for clients with ‘peach fuzz’ on their forehead or clients with a widow’s peak.

Hand Wax

Hair removal from the top of the hand and fingers.

Leg Wax (Half)

Hair removal from the lower leg. Does not include Foot Wax.

Leg Wax (Full)

Hair removal from the entire leg from ankles to top of the thigh. Does not include Foot Wax.

Lip Wax

Hair removal from the upper lip.

Neck Wax

Hair removal below the jawline or behind the neck to clean-up the hair line.

Nostril Wax

Hair removal from the inside of the nostrils to improve the quality of breathing as well as appearance of hairs protruding outside of the nose.

Stomach Wax

Hair removal from the top of the ribs to the waist line. Not necessary to book for Sagittal Line (hair line from the top of pubic hair to navel.)

Underarm Wax

Hair removal from the underarms; includes tweezing.

Waxing 101 Course (Requires License)

For licensed Cosmetologists or Esthiologists who are seeking to improve their waxing skill set. A thorough course designed to help the individual to overcome waxing challenges they’re facing. One-on-One course.